Anybody got issues with pad wear? Eversince I bought these brakes, it never work perfectly. After I saw my first pair wearing uneven, I called Jeff of Formula N.A., he just told me to clean the pistons with denatured alcohol.

I did what he said, after that, same thing happened. Called him again, told me align the caliper to the center of the rotor (DUH!), as if he's talking to a kindergarten. Well, long story short, this is my 3rd pair of break pads, bled the brakes, cleaned thoroughly, removed the pistons, reset the square seal. Nothing happens...Jeff's suggestion, go to another bike shop, and have a second opinion (rocket science I guess).

Formula is just a freaking expensive brakes, with a very cheap customer support. I love the brakes, don't get me wrong, but in my principle, bad customer support is a bad product. I'm perfectly happy with my The One brakes, but with this experience with them, my two pairs of brakes will be leaving my bikes. Time to install back my beloved Hope brakes for now.

I think, if you lose all your hopes, from getting a fair treatment, forum is the best place to vent. I'm just telling this to the future buyers of this product.