Looking to replace my aging Juicy 7's this winter and I need some help with comparisons. I've done a ton of research and read the reviews. At this point there is way too much information so I need help summarizing.

I plan on running 203's upfront and 160's on back. My riding is 80% Heavy AM, 15% Freeride/DH, 5% XC. What I like about my 7's are they are easy to bleed, they have decent power and feel, and they aren't overly noisy when running organics. What I don't like about them is the levers have developed play and feel flimsy, the modulation isn't as nice as most of the new brakes I've tried, and I have to keep those rotors real straight to avoid rub.

I'm looking for a brake that not only feels good when brand new but holds that feel as the pads wear down. I'd like some adjustability so I can easily change it up for those days at the lift and then dial it back. I'm light but I still like good power when I brake so I want something strong with real good modulation. The brakes need to be fairly easy to bleed and working on myself. I also wouldn't mind saving some weight.

The brakes I'm considering are:

Juicy Elixer's - Good reports so far but still unproven. I like the idea of pad contact adjustment but is it worth all that extra $? Not much lighter than the Juicy's.

Formula the One's - Everyone seems to love these. They sound expensive. Too much power? Maybe I can get away with 185's upfront if that's the case. Lighter than the Juicy's?

Other Formula's - What's the main diff between The One's, K24, K18? Where do you get your pads? None of my shops carry them.

Hope - Some of the better local riders swear by them. The looks are amazing. Very pricey? Any lighter than the Juicy's?

Magura - Know nothing about them besides some people love them.