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    hydraulic brake Q

    i want to know if i am stand my bike on the back(wheels up) the brake system can be damaged, did you know about brake system that can be damaged.

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    OK if you intend to ask a question at least make it coherent.

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    I assume that you mean if you flip your bike upside down will it damage hydro brakes?
    No, but if there is air in the lines (there shouldn't be) it will rise to the calipers and the brakes will get mushy feeling. If that happens, your brakes need a bleed. Otherwise, if your brakes are properly bled, there is no harm flipping your bike upside down, sideways, or any other way you can think to flip it.

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    Bad idea

    Even with a good bleed, there might be some air in the reservoir. This would float into the lines and or the caliper. Best to keep it more upright if possible, or so I've been told.

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    If the system is bled well, there will be no air. If there is no air, it is fine to store the bike upside down or hanging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freaknunu
    OK if you intend to ask a question at least make it coherent.
    After all, English is everyone's first language...

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