• 01-19-2013
    Hope x2 evo with grip shift
    Any clearance issues? I ran mono mini's with xo twisters years ago with no problems,wanted to check before I drop some coin on new brakes.
  • 01-19-2013
    Tech levers or Race levers? If Race levers, they are the "same" mastercylinder as the Mini's... so they fit just fine.

    If Tech lever... looks okay too: What are Hope Tech levers like with gripshift? Singletrack Forum
  • 01-22-2013
    I have the XO grip shift, and just got the Tech x2 non-race.

    I am waiting on rotors to do everything, but I attached the front lever, and you can snug it right up to the grip shift no problem.

    Drop that coin!