• 01-07-2012
    Hope Tech V2 and X2 - same brake?
    I have some question about these two models? From the outside view it looks that X2 and V2 are the same brakes. The difference is in rotors. Am I right?
  • 01-07-2012

    V2 is much larger, and is full on DH.
    X2 is for poofterish XC riding.
  • 01-08-2012
    zah is right. The V2 has a larger piston in the brake caliper and they weigh more than the X2 and M4's
    For normal riding the X2 has been great for me and my (poofterish ?) XC and AM riding. Good stopping power.
  • 01-08-2012
    V2 is also fine for trail riding despite beeing beefier then the x2. It still has good modulation. Not the same class, but V2 is not only good for DH.
  • 01-09-2012
    I have on my dh bike the V2 EVO's, and on my dj bike on rear X2 EVO, before i had the V2 on my DJ bike whit hope 160mm trials rootor. had no problem on locking it up on any speed.But they feelt a bit overkill. The V2 Evo rear calibel/lever whit hose waighted 350g. When swaped it out for v2's smaller brother X2 the diferance was easy to feel. x2 is a bit lighter and less powerfull, but good enogh for stoping a dj bike.
  • 01-09-2012
    Fix the Spade
    V2 is a much bigger caliper as others have said, it also needs V2 sized rotors with a fatter braking track. The X2 will take most rotors fine and with a 200mm rotor on will work fine as a big brake for most people.

    But it will lack that 'rode into a brick wall' feeling the V2s can generate.


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    X2 is for poofterish XC riding.

    My X2s are going to be riding in the mega this year (hopefully with me and the rest of a bike attached), I'll remind them of this post at the start so they work extra well out of spite.