Thanks to Hope USA for setting me up.

Through my own ignorance and being in a rush one night, I damaged a piston on my Tech M4s. The piston was leaking slowly, nothing crazy, but enough to make me concerned for some longer rides.

I called Hope, they sent me out new seals, 4 pistons, seal grease, and the bore cap tool. I also bought the V2 bore cap tool.

And thanks to SteveUK fro his rebuild directions. Probably took 20 minutes to remove, clean, and replace the seals and pistons. The process was very easy, the brake bleed was cake. I never removed the caliper from the bike, made it pretty easy to work around.

I was pretty surprised how easy it was to remove and insert the pistons. I expected this to be rather difficult with the limited space, however, there was enough room to do the whole process without any tools.

This is one of the reasons I bought Hopes. Now, I will find out if I did everything right tomorrow....