As the title suggests, I'd be interested in getting peoples views on Hope Mono Mini's vs Avid Juicy 3's?

I bought a new Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra recently, and have got a an old (but in perfect condidition!) pair of Hope Mono Mini's that I'm debating to swap out for the stock Juicy 3's.

I ride mainly road/ light track, so don't need anything with great stopping power, but just love the build quality of the Hope's.

On a slightly different note, the Hope's were sitting unused for a year or so in a barn, and the rear pots weren't fully returning so the lever pull was very short. I tested the fluid yesterday and found it had a high water content, so flushed the system through with fresh fluid and they seem to be ok now - I don't have a bleed 'kit', so just bled them without any pressure. The pots are now returning fine, although the lever pull now seems to be slightly more than it should be. I also spilled a little fluid on the pads so they now don't grip much - would normal brake cleaner clean them?