I wanted to be able to run a single clamp for shifters and brakes but I didn't like the reviews i was reading on the Avid Matchmakers....seemed people had issues with them breaking, so I started looking for other options. I stumbled upon a for sale item on PB for the Hope/Sram matchmaker set. They are very well constructed and look to be really durable, and they have plenty of side to side adjustment to get everything lined up the way you would want it.

So I looked on hopes website and they had a nice picture of the clamp and it looked identical to the Elixir clamp, so i figured what the heck. I mean the bar size is the bar size, so the clamp has to line up somewhat close? After i ordered them I searched some and did find one thread of someone using them w/ Shimano Shifters so I was sure it could be done.

I just had to drill the clamp holes out slightly bigger to line the bolts up with the elixir levers better, took longer to clamp them in the vise than actually drilling. The only down side is the clamp is just raw aluminum, but I will probably get them anodized or powder coated gloss black to match the levers better - or i may just say screw it.

Here is what I ended up with: Avid Elixir CR w/ X9 Shifter

My point of this thread is to just get this out there as an option that does work and make it more known if anyone wasn't sure, more search options is always a plus. Also having one clamp is a complete win.