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    Hope M4 problem, hopefully just a bad bleed?

    m4 calipers, goodridge lines, tech levers

    Bleed the brakes with synthetic dot 4, using a hope bleed kit.

    Pads won't retract from the rotor. Lever feels firm, doesn't go to the bar, the pads simply wont retract. Is this just the result of a bad bleed?

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    Doesn't seem like bad bleed. If it simple feels like the stroke is short - too short to retract pistons, you may just have too much fluid in there. All you have to do it open MC, squeeze to let fluid out, and close w/o letting air in.

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    How old are the brakes? Age? Milage? It sounds like the piston seals are sticking and need to be cleaned and lubricated.

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