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    Help......SQUEAKY DISCS

    I have recentley bought a specialized hardrock sport cable disc. Had it for 2 weeks, brakes started to make noises. Didn't bother me. Week later, they're really squeaky and don't know how to make it stop.
    HELP! please.

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    Try the Brake Forum and do a search.

    The calipers may not be aligned properly, look for uneven pad wear, and realign them

    You can try isopropyl alcohol to wash the pads, or you can try lightly sanding them.

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    have the pads gotten wet? every time I spray my bike down to wash the mud off, they squeak like crazy for a while. I usually just ride real fast and do a quick stop with the front brake, and then one with the rear brake, and that takes care of it.

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    On top of that, some brakes just squeak... especially if they are wet. Are you sure that neither the pads or the rotors were contaminated?
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    The first time I rode it they made noise, but it was wet and I knew they'd make noise.
    But recently the weather has been really sunny and dry and they still squeak
    I'm pretty sure the roters are not cantaminated but I'll check again.
    Thanks for the help everybody

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