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    Help with Juicy 7 Brake Line Cut

    Hey Kids,

    I just got some new Juicy 7's for the rig. The hydro lines are a little long and floppy, so I want to shorten them some. A bleed kit is on the way...

    I've heard that the lines/fittings can be a little sassy when cut. Things like "broken olives" and similar issues. Will I need some new parts to install on the compression fittings after I cut? Any tips, hints or advice is welcome. Thanks!


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    You won't have a problem but...

    I am an average (at best) bike mechanic and had no problem shortening the brake lines on my Juicys. Just use a sharp knife or other tool that they suggest. The hardware for inserting into the lines is part of the bleed kit. You won't have a problem.

    Now then, one thing to watch for is the bleed instructions. My wife's bike had 2004 Juicys and I've bled the brakes before with no real issues. I just purchased 2005 Juicys for my bike and the master cylinder is different (better?) than in the 2004s so there is no longer a cover that you slide open or plastic enclosure for the brake fluid so the instructions regarding the master cylinder just don't make any sense.

    That is to say that you need to wing the bleed instructions after cutting the line - unless or until SRAM/Avid have posted updated instructions. In particular, don't even think of unscrewing the two screws on the master cylinder (as a substitue for opening the cover as they describe) or you will end up with brake fluid everywhere.

    I sent Avid a note regarding updated instructions and they indicated it was a high priority for them to get updated bleed instructions on their web site (but, as of this moment, they still don't appear to be posted).

    Good luck.

    my two cents,

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    Yup, the bleed kit has a new set of olives. I think the key is to cut the cable as cleanly as possible, but honestly the Avid cables are easy to cut. I use a Felco cable cutter, similar to the Pedro's version- excellent no fray cuts and very square.

    the olives just need to be pushed as far as they will go into the end of the cut cable. You'll need a plier to hold the cable and another needle nose plier to push the olive barbs in. Make sure you ream the internal ferrel of the hose first as it can be a little mushed after cutting. Everything else is pretty straight forward after that.

    Another tip, don't over bleed or over pressurize the system. this causes the pads to scrape or drag.
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    Some tips.. just did the 2005's

    Yeah, the olive can be a bit of a bear to get in. You will need needlenose pliers to grab it and actually "screw" it in with some good pressure from what I found.


    My additional tip is this. If you have some old avid pads, put them in the brake to be bled, and use the red, plastic transport clip in between those during the bleed. This will really help to keep the pistons from extending (and letting air into the system potentially) when you pump the brake lever when bleeding the master cylinder.

    I say old pads, so if any brake flud leaks, it doesn't ruin your new pads.

    I found once you have the revised instructions, and use the pad and clip, the bleed pretty easily. I didn't need to detach the caliper as they suggest once I put the pads and clip in, and lightly tapped on the caliper.

    Don't be a gorilla on the syringe when pulling it back either.
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    Revised Instructions?

    I appreciate all the help, guys. A couple of you have mentioned the "Revised Instructions for 2005's". Would anyone care to post those or supply a link to them?


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