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    Hayes Stroker Trails Are Junk

    I've had Stroker Trails on my bike for two seasons now and have had nothing but problems from day one. I've gone with it this long because Hayes has good customer service and I've had Hayes brakes on other bikes, but this is the second time in as many months my bike is not rideable because of Stroker brake problems.
    List of problems:
    1. Squealing brakes. Needed new brake pads, Hayes sent them no charge.
    2. Sticking master cylinder pistons. Had to re-grease the master cylinder pistons. Can't say if that helped or not.
    3. Brake pads rubbing, unable to adjust brakes. Needed entire brake system rebuilt, which Hayes did at no charge.
    4. A few weeks after being rebuilt, the rear brake system completely failed, the brake lever compresses all the way but calipers do not work. Hayes technicians can't make these brakes work, that is something that needs to be considered.
    That's all I can take. There's a week or two of nice weather left to the riding season here and I can't ride because of these stupid brakes. Hayes has lost a customer on this deal, good customer service or not.
    I know these brakes are on sale everywhere, and cheap. You might get a good set, then maybe not. Some of these brakes are coming off of new bikes and being replaced by better quality brake systems before being sold. The Strokers were dropped as OEM equipment from my model bike the following year because of the poor quality. So even if they are cheap, you should think about why that is.
    Today, my rear brake failed without warning on a long downhill. If it would have failed yesterday on a more technical ride, I might have been out for the season along with my bike. I need to be able to depend on my brakes to stop, Hayes Strokers just can't do that.

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    I had the Rydes and they were the worst brakes I've ever had. Low on power, wooden feel, fading... Rubbish!

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    Been running strokers for close to 2 years now.
    Never had a single problem with them.
    Aside from crashing in downieville and had to bend my lever back to straight.
    Wait I take that back, I did have a slow master piston when I forst got them.
    Contacted hayes, sent me fix kit right away. Took all of 10 minutes to fix it.
    I have a couple sets of elixirs as well. Wanna talk about problems? They have so many issues, I swap 1 set of strokers between 2 bikes.
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    I did have a slow master piston when I first got them.
    Seems like the Stroker problems are mainly with the master cylinder. I also had the slow master cylinder problem and the problem I have now; the brake lever going to the bars without enough pressure to activate the calipers is a classic sign of a defective master cylinder.

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    I junked mine years ago for Magura Marta SL...ohhh, what a feeling!!!!
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    Seems like the Stroker problems are mainly with the master cylinder.
    After a master cylinder rebuild, the brakes now work again, but for how long? When the Hayes factory techs rebuilt it, it only lasted a few weeks. I don't assume I'm any better at brake service than they are, hopefully the repair will last a couple weeks.
    I honestly believe that Hayes customer service did all they could to fix the brakes and I really want to support an American company, especially in the Midwest where they could use the business, but having brakes fail out in the boonies is something I just can't deal with.

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    Pretty strange. I rode 2 pair on my bikes (carbon's and ace) for a year and no issues whatsoever. Awesome brakes IMO.
    "It looks flexy"

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    If a little extra weight isn't a problem avid bb7s with 203mm rotors stop on a dime
    on a freeride

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    I just went from BB7's on 160 rotors to Stroker Trails on 180 rotors. BB7's were my second set of mech discs, and Strokers are my first hydro.

    BB7's were waaayy better than the hayes mech
    BB7's have more stopping power than Strokers (but I dont think the strokers are fully broken in yet)
    Strokers have much more modulation and feel than BB7s
    Strokers easier to adjust and have to adjust less often than my BB7s

    I did have a little squeal on the front brake on my second ride. after the ride, recentered the front caliper, and no more squeal. rear brake has a slight little turkey gobble like the juicy's. Once the pads get worn in, i believe these will go away.

    I must have gotten a decent set........time will tell.

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    I have had stroker trails, stroker aces, and stroker rydes and never really had any issues with any of them. Maybe you just got a bad set?

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    Maybe you just got a bad set?
    That seems likely. Might be mostly a problem with OEM Stroker Trails.

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