Does anyone know of ANY aftermarket pads out for the stroker ryde brakes? My rear brake resonance / howl is getting obnoxious and pads are next up to be swapped. I saw that kool stop has a "whats new" page that lists a stroker ryde KS-D260 pad but I don't necesarily know what sort of quality kool stop supplies, and no one lists them as being stocked yet.

I ordered a 7 inch bracket and a 7 inch rotor for the rear to see if that helps, and will sand down the pads again when I get those in but I'd like to just swap in a different pad to see if it's a brake pad compound issue. It's to the point that after a full cleaning the brakes will stay quit through 1/2 a ride, but then just get worse and worse to the point I won't even use the rear brake.