Just bout a used bike with a stroker carbons, and the fluid was leaking out of the hose where it connrctrd to the lever. I pulled it out, and the black top part of the hose was folded back, and it looked like the fluid was leaking out there. I cut it back about 1mm, then tried it again. The odd thing was the little yellow hairs in between the clear tube in the hose, and the outer black part. I didn't trim the yellow hair re-bled it, and the hose blew out of the connector, spaying me with fluid. It was funny, but i need this brake working tomorrow.

I'm going to recut the hose, and trim the hair this time. Why won't it stay in? If the hose hase fluid on it, could that make it slippery and cause it to slip out?

Why do hydraulic brakes hate me?

Please help!