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    Hayes El Camino VS. Avid Juicy 7s

    Maybe building up a new ride soon. Ride will be a turner 5 spot geared toward XC and all mountian. Trying to keep it more to the XC side to keep the weight down.

    Have narrowed my brake choice to these two. So which is better? Pro's and Con's of each?

    I noticed the Avids got pounded in the MTBR product user reviews. Nothing in there about the El Camino's.

    Also considering Avid Jicy 5s too. Any opinions on those?

    An advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Do not get Juicy's unless you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort and frustration to get them to stop being noisy. You have to change brake pads and get them perfectly aligned. I have a set of Juicy 5"s on a Moto-lite that were a royal PITA. I changed to Galfer green pads and the LBS aligned the rotors and now they are OK. I also have a set of El Camino's that have been perfect. No noise and they stop perfectly with great modualtion

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    07 Juicies have the revised rotors and organic pads. And for what it's worth. I still have my o4/o5 brakes with the gold backed OE pads. I've run them with all sorts of rotors, and have never heard a peep. There should not be problems if setup and break-in is correctly done. In addition, many people buy new rotors but mate them to unevenly worn pads, thus problems. Some people have the pads riding on the rotor arms - more problems. Some people just can't get the caliper square to the rotor - problems.

    The ECs are terrible. For XC, they may be fine. But the brakes have very little fluid capacity. The system heats up and fades quickly and significantly.

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    I have El Camino's on my Yeti AS-R Pro, and they squeak and squeal like a...well, I don't know, but they really squeak and squeal - I have had the bike shop work on them, and they still make noise. I have Juicy Carbons coming on my new Mountain Goat, but haven't tried them yet. I love the way the El Cams work, very comfortable and responsive, and they will stop on a dime, but they are loud sometimes...

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    The El Camino's are crap, especially the levers. My '05 J7's worked beautifully and the levers have a high quality feel, but they made awful noises regardless of the countless hours I spent futzing with them - align this, adjust that, sand this, tighten this first then that, etc. I just installed a set of Formula K24's - couldn't have been easier and I couldn't be more pleased with their performance. I abo****ely HATE the Avid CPS washer mounting system. It seems to be very finicky. Supposedly, Avid made some adjustments after the '05 J7's to solve the "turkey gobble" problem - to which I can't comment.

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    Hayes but not EC

    I had my second worst hydro disk experience with El Caminos (after Maguras)
    I'm a huge fan of Hayes brakes and I've owned close to 10 sets without any issues unti I bought the latest and greatest Hayes product. Bought em, installed em and both levers were sluggish returning to the extended position and wouldn't run drag free so back to Jensen (where I bought them) and they aggreed they werent right so the said they replace the front but not the back (I had to shorten the hose) but they bled the rear and they were better (for a while).
    After about a month the same thing happened so they shipped them back to Hayes who said they just needed bleeding which they did but they never worked right after that for long DH so I put them on the SS (cus my legs can't get a SS up a very big hill) .
    I just wish I still had my Purple DH and champain colored early sets that worked great until the levers snapped off on rocks and trees (same side of course) . I'd suggest the HFX carbon brakes but not the El Caminos.

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    El caminos are serious junk. me and three of my buds got screaming deal on sets. not a single one of us still has them on a bike now. don't get me wrong I'd take them over rim brakes. but thats not saying much. but keep in mind, that I climb and decend at lest 3000 feet every ride.

    talked at great length to the hayes guys, and they finaly told me it was my technique. so I replaced them with formulas. FYI, the formulas work fine.

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    I'd go for the Avids or check out the XT's from Shimano.

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    El Caminos are JUNK

    I've owned XT and HFX-9 hydro brakes in addition to the El Caminos, which I've had for about 9 months now. Absolute trash! I'm sick of the pad contact point constantly changing throughout a single ride. The Hayes guys said that some early sets had an oil passage that was too small and suggested I send mine in for updating. They did so, but it didn't make any difference. They then blamed in on my braking technique. Funny though, I've never had these problems with the other hydro brakes I've owned. I'm extremely disappointed. My next brakes will be Formula K24s.

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