I have had to bleed my rear brake a few times this year. I was somewhat suspicious, but couldn't find any leaks or signs of damage anywhere. Recently I did notice some corrosion on the carbon on the rear lever, but I figured I might have spilled some fluid. Now, after my latest bleed (2nd in 2 weeks, obviously something is wrong) there is actually fluid collecting at the base of the lever. I see a Hayes HFX-MAG, -9, Master Cylinder Internal Kit on eBay for $25.00. I am willing to repair it if it is worth doing, but don't want to just throw money at a problem. I will probably get a new lever while I am at it ($10-15 on eBay). Is fixing it worth it, or should I just get a new brake (Shimano, Hayes, or save up for Hope??) Thanks for your input.