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Hey mechanics,

If you've been paying attention, you know by now that Speedgoat's an independent bike shop--meaning we're not a Trek Concept Store, or a thinly veiled ad agency for whatever schlock the companies in this industry want you to buy this week. We like it when you buy stuff--don't get me wrong--but we don't like it when companies hype something at the expense of the truth. We build a lot of bicycles, and we ride a lot of bicycles--often in really unpleasant conditions--so we can't help but be critics. In my own personal crosshairs right now? Avid Juicy brakes.

Here's what I want to know (seriously, email us with your stories). How in the world are you people out there possibly installing these things? I ask because hardly any stores are offering the small parts (compression barbed fitting and olive) necessary to reconnect these things once you've cut the line to properly size it to your frame. And have any of you actually disconnected the line from the master cylinder? Where in hell (literally, it has to be hell) is Avid forging these bolts and nuts? They'd be tougher if they were made out of clay. In more than a few cases already, I've seen compression nuts that were so overtightened during factory installation in China or wherever Avid is having these things built, that they literally crumbled when you tried to loosen them. No problem, right? I work at a bike shop. I'll just walk over to my supply of Avid hydraulic disc brake small parts, get a new compression nut, and . . . hmmm, the compression nuts Avid sends out as service parts seem to have a completely different thread pitch than the original compression nut that was on there. That won't work. So here we are, trying to be a good bike shop, prepared for anything (even, say, crappy quality compression nuts that are way overtorqued at the factory and then shatter when you try to loosen them), and the replacement parts we have--right there in official Avid packaging and everything--don't fit. Not that is seems to matter--the whole casting of the master cylinder has that trademark Juicy "forged for less" Play-Doh look, and there's a seam right along the threads of the line fitting anyway, so you could probably thread anything into there with equal success or failure, but we don't, as the kids say, roll like that. If the part doesn't fit, we don't force it. Frustrating.

So anybody installing these at home run into any problems? Let me know