Completing a new mountainbike, i only need to choose the kind of v-brakes i want.

I'm looking for performance at a reasonable price. But i'm willing to pay a little extra if i know it's a quallity product.

I don't know which one to choose?

1] The Avid single digit ultimates (no picture, because it's well known)
2] The FRM DP4 brakes.


I see almost only good reviews of the Avids, but i can't find any reviews of the FRM's?
Does anybody know how the FRM's perform??

If anybody knows how the Tektro M730 perform compared to the two above, that would be great. I know the Tektro brake is a complete different league than the Avids and the FRM's, but i'm just curious. Can you really feel the difference with your eyes closed?
tektro m730.jpg