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    Formula Oro/Puro - sintered pads with alloy back plate?

    Does anyone (e.g. Kool Stop) make it?

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    you can get semi metallic with steel backing for Formula Oro's. Good

    you can get semi metallic with alloy backing for Formula Oro's. Better.

    you can get sintered metallic with copper backing for Formula Oro's. Best.

    Copper dissapates heat from the pads at a relative rate of about 370, aluminum about 250, and steel is piss poor, less than 100.

    Keep in mind you have to shed heat both from the rotor, and the pads.... if semi metallic pads get too hot, they glaze over and squeal like a stuck pig.

    I run Formula Sintered pads, and I've never looked back, they are the best for my needs, long steep descents.

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