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    Formula brakes vibrating,why?

    2nd ride on my Oro K18's. First ride was great, quiet and gobs of stopping power. Today there was a slight vibration and maybe even a faint grinding sound coming from the rear brake. Front brake today was fine. I checked and everything is tight.
    Its an 07 Yeti 575 carbon rear if it matters.
    It wasnt noticable on hard stops, only on fire roads where I was feathering them to slow down.
    Probably should post this on the Yeti forum too



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    Hi Tom,
    The first place I would direct you is to the "Noise Primer" document on our formula brake USA website:

    Have a look at that and just start checking things off the list. If you continue to have trouble, give us a call in the office and we can do our best to diagnose the noise and offer up some additional solutions.

    In the future, if you have any tech questions about our products, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email directly.


    Chris Costello
    Formula Brake USA

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