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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanik View Post
    3mm diameter difference? Who cares? Put a washer under your caliper posts.
    This is certainly one solution, but you've got to make sure to have enough thread still in the adapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikebmx999 View Post
    Hope floating rotors do just that.....float.
    Incorrect. Hope rotors do not float in the traditional sense of the term as applied to motorcycles or performance cars. The rivets allow for slight expansion and contraction of the brake track. That's it. There should be zero lateral movement. And yes, they do wear out over time and need to be replaced.

    Despite the cost, I'm a big fan of them. They work very, very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OO7 View Post
    This is certainly one solution, but you've got to make sure to have enough thread still in the adapter..
    It's only one and a half threads/turns on the screw. If you are now suddenly worrying about having 1.5 less threads in there than you should probably get a longer screw anyway.
    Especially if you're using an IS adapter, cause they usually have thru holes as opposed to postmounts' blind holes so you can use as long a screw as you want.

    Or if your screw is too long you just stack 'em on top of the caliper as well.

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    Hi Guys,
    All i can say is that true floating rotors makes a huge difference in braking performance. 99% of you unfortunately didn't have a chance to ride one as there is no such rotor on the market except <a href="" target="_blank">absoluteBLACK rotors</a>

    If someone had a chance to ride a moto with full floaters then he knows the difference.

    Hope"floating" rotors are not full floating ones - they are semi-floating in motorcycle speach. That means they are only becoming floating when they get enough heat to expand away from rivets. When riding and not braking really long to get them hot, they just act like a solid rotor. So no advantage at all in riding all around. The big disadvantage to them is that (once they get hot and expand) when cooling down they distort(bent if you like) because of friction ring wants to shrink more than rivets allow - this create stresses - and that's why you hear this gingling/tinkering sound when cooling down.

    AbsoluteBlack rotors on the other hand has a constant movement of 0.15-0.2mm - means always, no matter if cold or hot. This movement is of course from side to side only - not in braking direction. Because of the design (look at the website design tab) they can also expand a lot radially and thus they will never ever warp - because they can freely expand without distortion. No other rotor gives that.

    This of course come with a higher price tag as manufacturing is not chap - it's not a Taiwanese robot which puts it together there is much love, time and skills put into that in order to work and it is not possible to assemble by machine as fitting has to be made perfect in order to let it work like it should. I spend at least an hour to put together one rotor by matching two parts together with ideal fit. Every single person who owns them - loves them. This kind of part will not go to mass production as is too complicated in mass manufacturing and can't be build in less than 15s like everything else is.
    Time is a key part in that.

    Look at his 6min movie from Madeira island i have done year ago
    lightest centerlock rotor - heat test on Vimeo

    I have descent 7 miles on gradient of 7-9% with my average speed of 36mph and top around 50. Each corner = braking involved (you can hear). I could do that without any stop and in middle of the movie had an emergency stopping as i nearly hit the bus while having around 35mph. Rotors were not burnt on the bottom - you can check movie frame by frame to see the colour of the rotor.
    2 days befor that i havd hope "floating" rotors and i had to stop in middle of the descent as brakes were like a sponge and warping was terrible.

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    I bought a floating rotor some time ago. Tossed it into the mohawk river and it sank..whats up with that..I couldn't even get my money back.
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