I have very limited knowledge and Im still unsure after some research. Im thinking of using the CX 8.4 ( mini V ?? ) brake in the rear on my Surly Ogre build. I intend using Jones H loop or One- One mary bars.

Does the CX 8.4 require a short travel, high leverage lever ( mtn bike canti lever )???
If so :
Options 1. Tektro RT354AG or MT 2.1
2. Origin 8 mini trigger or canti mtn lever
3. Shimano BL M-590 /739 / 770. Which MAY have canti or V selector. I can see it clearly on the 590 but not sure on the others. Will this work and which setting?
4. Avid seeed dial 7 lever. ( ability to switch to BB7 later if I want ).

Your thoughts???