In case annyone has Avids now and is wondering if they should spend the money for good hydros.

Just got back from my first ride with Hope Minis (used 2003 models with new pads).

I've been using Avid mech 160's for the past three years.

Hopes are 185 in front 160 in rear.

I had used XTR levers in the strongest setting on the Avids.


Hopes are butter smooth, even compared to fresh Avid cables.

Hopes have way more modulation, which was kinda disapointing at first as I had gotten used to the "lock up now" settings I had on the Avids.

After two hours, pads had worn in, they still have great modulation and I had gotten used to the lack of "easy" lock up. ( I know locking up brakes is not good for stopping anyway)

Bottom line:
If you have Avids, buying hydros is not a must, but I needed some brakes for a project bike, the Hopes were less then half of what new ones cost. So I'm happy.
( Avids will go on project bike)

If stating from scratch and money is not an issue, by all means get the Hopes.