Hi everyone,

Having owned some Avid Ultimtes for a while i had no end of issue's with them. In the end i decided to start again and have been given a new pair!

So yesterday i fitted them, trimmed the hoses and all i going well. Even though i've taken the hose's off i appeat to have only let a Tiny bit of air in so they still fell fairly decent.

But i would like to firm them up. As i've only removed the hose am i correct in saying i only need to bleed the hose and the lever? IF this is the case would i connect a syringe to the caliper and one to the lever and push the fluid UP from the caliper out of the hose to get the air out?

I had another thought however. When you bleed them the manual says use a pad spacer - the red one. This is thicker than the rotors so would bleeding the brake with the wheel/rotor in place help in firming up the lever? Im thinking because the pads will be closer in they will have less travel to contact the rotor thus improving the feel.