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    Facing "post mount" disc tabs: brake squeal

    Hi all,

    I have a quick question on a set of pretty new (probably 50-100miles) V2’s;

    They judder (but only under heavy braking) when dry at probably about the same frequency/revolution as the dips in the outer edge of the disc, so I imagine that this will go away as the disc wears in (but just in case it’s relevant to the main point below) which is:

    They squeal like crazy when they’re damp/wet [*much* more so than other braking systems I have/have used], until the disc dries

    - Does anyone have any reccommendations with regards to squeal shims or the like?

    - I understand that facing the brake mounting tabs might help: Does anyone have any knowhow on facing "post mount" tabs, on a 2010 Totem?

    Thank you!


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    Every Hope brake I've ever used has squeaked in the wet. It goes when the pads/rotor dry or get enough heat into them. However, when taking into account the judder you mention, I think there may be another issue.

    Assuming that you don't have any pad/rotor contamination, the judder is almost certainly down to misalignment. With its two massive pistons and big, square pads, the V2 is rather unforgiving when it comes to getting alignment right. Check out the videos on the Hope tech pages (link) and spend some time making sure you have the caliper spot-on true to the rotor and both pistons/pads operating equally.

    If you find that one piston isn't operating as well as the other, you'll need to get some lube on it. Use the procedure described at the start of this guide.

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    Many brakes out there squeal when wet, it goes with the territory, but Hopes do seem to be a bit more vocal about being wet. And as SteveUK noted the V2s are pretty picky about being properly aligned.

    Also there is no way that I know of to face a post mount. At least not accurately. You'd likely do more harm than good in the attempt. If they are that far out then it's a warranty issue, not something that you should correct yourself for the most part.

    That's besides, the judder or vibrations that you describe almost always occur when a scalloped rotor is in use and the pads are misaligned. Those pads have to hit the rotor dead flat and at the same time. Even Avid BB7s would do this with the old Roundagon rotor if the alignment was off by very much.

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    Good thoughts, thanks guys.

    As you pointed out, I think the pads were indeed not hitting the disc square, with the telltale clearly being the judder. Some tweaking later and the situation is much improved!

    Thanks again!


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    V2's are tricky to get quite. Took me a couple of months to dial them in. Finally got it right today. My issue was with the back brake only (on a new frame). Had to face it to get to mount square. Took me two passes with the Hope facing tool to learn how to properly face but it's quiet as can be now.
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