Hi. So I have re bled the rear brake several times now. One time I did a full bleed and the severa lother times I did it just at the master cylinder. The last time, I thought I got all the air out of the master cylinder but after having gone for a ride, there is now a small bubble visible in the clear membrane area. I'm basically wondering if I perhaps cracked the compression fitting or what? Or should I just try and re-bleed the whole system?

Also, what # DOT fluid is supplied with the Juicy bleed kit? I'm wondering if I need to match it (since it lists 2 diff types as compatible on the brakes).

Thanks ahead of time.

Also, just noticed that there is a slight sucking sound when I release the lever of the brake in question. Could the cracked compression nut be letting tiny amounts of air into the system every time I let go of the brake? If so, who sells small parts of Avid brakes?