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    Changing Formula RX 1 Pads WTF?

    I've changed plenty of pads on bikes with no issues. Even the *****y Magura's. However, my Formula's are a royal PIA just to change the pads.

    My existing pads have the a-typical Formula rub, but nothing major. I put new pads in and my back wheel barely moves. I opened the caliper all the way, yet still almost no room just to get the wheel back on. Forget about spinning the wheel. I checked the package for the pads and they are the right pads. I know new pads need to be seated, but I've never seen new pads that prevented the wheel from spinning a little.

    I played with the +/- adjuster, greased the calipers (in case they were not retracting), but now at a loss what to do. I just put the old pads in but now I loss all braking power so I have to go and re-bleed the brakes.

    The instructions are pretty damn basic, but I can't get it too work. What am I missing.

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    Re: Changing Formula RX 1 Pads WTF?

    Try pushing the pistons all the way back into the caliper with a socket wrench or a nylon tire lever. You'll have to go back and forth: pushing one in moves the other out slightly. Then install pads, wheel, and grip lever a few times.

    Have no idea why you would lose power with the old pads after that, are you sure you didn't get grease on the pads or rotor? I don't use any grease or lube on the pistons for this reason. I occasionally brush the piston with a toothbrush and alcohol. The small gum brush works well for this.

    P.s. You don't have to live with the formula drag: both my formula brake sets have a slight bias in one piston (the outer one). When installing caliper, i cut a small piece of paper or business card and insert between the rotor and caliper, then, grip lever and tighten bolts. If the rotor drags in a particular spot, do this at that spot. If you go too thick the the other side will drag, so, experiment with different thicknesses of paper. Works for my r1 and theOne's.

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    You may have too much fluid in the brakes. Loosen the bleed screw and some fluid out.

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    You need to bleed the brakes!!
    Use fresh donex fluid and the bleeding process formula recommends and this will solve your problems. Just a little maintance needed. Also do the piston and setting in the instructions. And this works on any brakes!

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    With "grease" I hope you meant pure silicone paste, and not actual petroleum based grease? Grease will ruin the seals.

    You probably have too much fluid in the system, pushing the pistons out a bit after you have pushed them back.

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    There is too much fluid now because of moisture absorption. Bleed them and clean them with denatured alcohol as per the instruction. Do NOT use any kind of grease or anything else. If you can't find the instructions I can post them for you. Search or just call formula and he will email them to you.
    I ran into this same thing and once the bleed and clean is done they are like new!! Great brakes!

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