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    New question here. Center lock rotor differences: RT77 (XT) vs RT52

    I recently purchased set of XT wheels that use center lock rotors. I was not aware of all the different types of Shimano center lock rotors, and purchased a set of SM-RT52 rotors. After some research, it turns out that these are Acera level rotors.

    Does anyone know if there is much performance difference between the SM-RT77 and SM-RT52 rotors? Also, the rotors did not come with a set of lock rings, so I now need to pick-up a set of lock rings. Does anyone know if the different lock rings are interchangeable or if the "higher level" lockrings are any better? I have found the SM-RT96 & SM-RT77 lock rings for ~$11 and the SM-RT52 lockrings for $5.


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    The lower end rotors have smaller aluminium hub section so they are a bit heavier. The lockrings I'm pretty sure differ.

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    I know the lock rings off the RT52's work with the RT96 XTR rotors. Don't look as nice, but they work just fine.

    The RT52's also say 'for organic pads only'. Apparently, they don't disipate heat as well as the higher end rotors, so you're not supposed to use sintered/metallic pads. Doesn't make any sense to me as they look to be nothing more than a standard shimano 6 bolt rotor riveted to a Centerlock adaptor....

    I'm running these with Magura Marta brakes, so I can't run sintered pads anyway.

    Biggest differences I've noticed between the RT52's and the RT96's are a bit more weight and a -whole- lot cheaper price. I think I got mine for something less than $30/pair with lockrings off ebay, new.

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    On the subject...

    ....of rotors, i am about to buy a pair of wheels with Hone centre lock hubs, I have been offered a pair of unused saint rotors. Question is will these fit the Hone rotor spline or does the size vary between groupo's?
    Cheers David
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