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    Cant push brakefluid from caliper to lever on older Juicy Carbon

    I am trying to get my hardtail ready for the summer and bleeding the brakes was a must. They where really soft and spongey at the end of last season so I knew they had to be bled. I started with the rear brake and failed as I drew in air on the side of the clear hose when I degassed the fluid. After some glue was used the rear brake was bled right.

    But, when I tried to bleed the front brake I unable to push fluid from the caliper up to the lever, the syringe is rockhard when I try to push the fluid. When gripping the lever I found out that there was no resistance in the leverblade and when pushed all the way to the grips it will just stay there.

    So what could be wrong? Frozen lever piston? Do I need a new lever or just tear it down? Bleed it another way? What to do?


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    Sounds like the piston in the lever assy is past the bleed hole.
    lean forward

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    Any ideas on how to fix it? Tear it down myself og just buy a new lever assably?

    I was thinking that there is something more is wrong as I would think that pushing fluid up from caliper should push the piston back into the righ place...?

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