I have a new set of these, which are supposedly virtually identical to a Tektro model. The problem is that they are both rattling like crazy, especially when I depress the levers. The problem is the quick release button which just shakes around loosely. When the lever is not engaged it is pretty well held in place and cannot rattle much, but it still does it just a bit if the road is rough.

Called Cane Creek and they had not heard of the issue and were not able to advise me about what to do.

Took them to my bike shop where I got them and they agreed it was the correct diagnosis. It was the first pair they had and could not say if it was normal for these levers or not. Since they both do it, I am guessing this is just how they are by design. All they could advise me to do is epoxy the button in place. This negates the QR feature which is nice, but not really necessary as I can get my wheel out just fine by releasing the cable at the noodle. Gluing it seems funky but probably would work. I worry a bit that the epoxy might get into someplace it should not and muck the whole thing up.....

Not sure if this is a defect or what..... Any ideas?