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    candidate for hydro drop bar lever

    So I have done some searching and the only one that I know of is the old Magura one for the rim brakes.
    I was thinking of trying to see if i could cobble something together on my own.

    Right now I was just wondering what lever might be a good starter.
    the issues that I can think of are master cylinder placement, master cylinder size and the hose exit.

    Are there any good levers that have master cylinders that do not have an orientation problem? Also who has the smallest master cylinder?

    For the hose exit this might be the idea killer. Avids are pretty much a non-starter, but maybe something else could be rigged up.

    All of this may not really go anywhere, but from a high level I thought it might be doable.
    Any thoughts?

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    With the UCI 'maybe' allowing disc brakes for cyclocross races next year, maybe some companies will get to work on that... SRAM Red hydro levers? Shimano Dura-Ace? Maybe, maybe not...


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