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    Caliper seal/oring/rebuild question, Formula brakes

    2011 Formula The One. User error caused a damaged piston seal in the caliper body. Are these user serviceable? I see on the exploded diagram they seem fairly straight forward to work on, although I have never done this before. I have however bled brakes, installed new lines, etc. It appears there are three orings/seals associated with the piston, one that seals the system from the back cap, and one for sealing each piston. I haven't attempted to open the caliper up yet but it appears as if I damaged one of the orings that seals the piston. I would do it by putting the caliper body in a vice, in such a way as to not damage it of course, unscrew the back cap(assuming no proprietary tools are required), and the rest would kind of be obvious? Any advice, comments?

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    Hey there,

    Caliper cap removal is not required to service the pistons and o-rings. Being a 1 piece design, the cap is only there as an access point during machining to the caliper bores.

    For further info please contact:

    Formula North America- 803-547-2010
    Formula Canada-604-459-0070

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