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    Broken Elixer CR lever...

    I've never had to mess with this kind of thing but I have had what felt like excessive play and slop in my front brake lever for some time. I haven't taken the lever apart to investigate as of yet but today, while looking into the area where the plunger is connected to the lever, I noticed an obvious crack and de-lamination in my lever allowing the excessive slop.

    I assume I can get a new lever from Avid but is there a source for an aftermarket, possibly better, brake lever for Avid's Elixer CR? Any good sources for an OEM lever OTHER than Avid?


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    You can find cheap replacement levers on eBay, not sure about anything aftermarket for the older CR brakes, though...
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    Thanks for the reply. I pulled the lever off yesterday and used a 2 part epoxy on it. It's back together again and it appears the repair is stout. Checking ebaY, the range of pricing was from $45 at the cheapest and $80+ for the same thing at the high end. Hopefully I won't need a replacement after all as the cost is absolutely ridiculous!

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