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    Break Lver Pull Distance

    Is this a preference sort of thing? Ive done a bit of searching and have gotten mixed reviews and no definite answer. I like mine to pul back nearly all the way to the handlebar before maximum pressure is applied to the brakes. Will this cause any problems tho? I once had a breake cable ripped out of the anchor that holds it to the lever. The brakes were set up so that i barely had to pull to get them to work. But I think that is why they broke.

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    I was told to adjust them so you have maximum brake force (near lock up) when the lever is parallel to the bar/grips. That's the point at which your hands should have the most power for long descents.

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    I prefer the lever to be about 1/2" from the grips at full lock-up. When they are setup further out, it feels like my hands get tired faster from braking too much. Guess I should just go faster and brake less, eh?

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    don't think your cable breaking had anything to do with how you had them set up. Doesn't make sense. I think you'll find most people tell you that they like their brake lever as close to the bars as they can get without interfering with their knuckles. Where that position is and how they describe it is going to be different for everyone

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    Be careful if you happen to ride in cold weather, especially if you like your lever to engage closer to the grip. Thicker gloves can interfere with the lever, and if you run hydros, any air in the system can allow the lever to travel further in cold temps, especially on the first pull.

    I can barely get my mouth around it.

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