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    Quote Originally Posted by craigsj View Post
    Of course, this can also be accomplished with variable leverage at the lever end, as it is with BFO's competition. They pretend this is something new when it is not. Their booster itself was invented before they were born.
    I think the main thing is to give respect and props for them because they are actually applying whatever tech was invented before...but doing it right this time and putting it available, instead of sitting and being satisfied with the current standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrepsz View Post
    'As with most closed systems, as the brake fluid heats up and expands the pads get forced ever closer to the rotors and stop working properly. This is why almost all brake systems to day are open systems.

    So to compensate for the expansion of the brake fluid the BFO callipers are huge thus allowing the pads to be positioned far away from the rotors, so they’re not troubled by expanding fluid.

    BFO have a secret weapon in the huge calliper, the ‘brake booster’. The calliper piston is stepped, so as the pads make first contact with the rotor the cylinder inside seals off the fluid against the brake pads and compresses it more, thus squeezing more pressure onto the pads and effectively boosting the power in the later part of the lever stroke.

    In a nutshell the brakes hide a two-stage booster that allows the pads to travel a greater distance to the rotors and also ramp up the power as they engage to give you (theoretically) serious amounts of stopping power.

    In practice this means when you pull the BFO lever your pads actually make contact with the rotor very quickly, then the rest of you lever stroke is all about extracting more/less power and modulating the brakes. This is why the levers are for one-finger only, as BFO believe with their brakes one finger is all you will ever need.
    ' - Article here
    From the diagram it looks like the pistons are getting oil only from the step piston, so its a simple constant leverage (not depending on touching the pads). Unless the diagram does not tell the whole story.

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