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    Brake pad too far out on BB7 with 140mm Ashima Airotor

    I've been running BB7s with 160mm rotors for a while but just moved to a 140mm Ashima Airotor in the back. The brake pad is too far out relative to the rotor (by about 2 mm), so the outer edge of the pad is not touching the rotor at all. What's going on? Maybe the rotor is undersized (sorry, should have measured but I was too lazy) or my 140mm IS rear adapter is slightly oversized. I think it's installed in the right direction, but here's a picture in case I'm missing something.

    Any fixes? Should I face the adapter? Or maybe the flat side of the lower CPS washer? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    The easiest thing to do would be to remove the CPS washers from between the caliper and the adapter and replace them with some washers or a spacer of an appropriate size to pack the caliper out to the correct position.

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