Swapping out a fox fork for a new Reba. Wheelset is I9 using Hope brakes. Noticed that the outer face of the rotor is planted in the adapter to the point where the wheel will not turn. Took a Mill to the adapter shaving it down slightly now the adapter clears.

Next up is the Hope Caliper. Mounting the caliper the face of the rotor is in the rubbing, not the pads, but the gap in the caliper. Calling all three companies I9 was helpful giving specs & dimensions for the 20mm cone. Spec is 17.73 - 17.75 mm mine was a little shy of that so they sent off a new cone. Much props to I9 for this. SRAM has been working with even offering to provide a new set of lowers if need be. Thus far from what I could tell everything on the lowers measures out correct. Hope indicates that both I9 & King make their hubs out of spec and both companies should fix their design. Looking to get the bike together and out of the shop slotting of the adapter was required on the mill just so the caliper could be centered. Now the brake adapter is very thin on the inner edge to the point where I'm questioning its structural integrity due to the high level of adaptation just to get the set up to work. Apparently if you have this combination and do not have a machine shop at your disposal your SOL.

Wondering how much stress is actually on the adapter as it is not a safety concern. I now have Hope brakes across 5 different bikes actually all my bikes now and have liked the serviceability of them, however considering swapping them out as time goes by.