• 08-02-2011
    Best pads for Alligator Cirrus/Aries & XT-775
    I just switched out my Hayes V6 rotors for Alligator (gatorbrake?) Cirrus/aries rotors on my XT 775 disc brakes. I am very happy with their performance. They are a little stronger, a little less firm at the lever and tend to ramp up a bit at the very end of the stroke. They are also quite a bit lighter and cheap! I wanted to know which pads work the best with these rotors. I can't stand noisy brakes, so only the quiet pads will do! THanks for the tips!
  • 08-10-2011
    I'm using these Aries rotors (there seem to be two types) with Hygia SLPs, but they use the same pads as XT/XTRs. The discobrakes Alu Super Light pads work well and are never noisy except for in the rain when they squeal for a moment just as you apply the brakes.