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    Bar Setup, Juicy 7.0's / X.0 Shifters Hand Pain

    I would appreciate some suggestions on how to improve my bar setup. Currently I'm having an abnormal amount of hand pain and numbness after long rides. I have fairly small, what you have heard about small hands is not true !

    After some comparisons I think that the pain is due the set up. I am constantly pressing (during normal riding) reaching for the brake lever and jamming my thumb (during hits) against the end of my XO twist shifter. I have to reach a long way inside to reach my brake lever. I have an unbreakable habit of being a two finger braker. This is not going to change. About half of my hand is riding on the shifter rather than on the grip.

    The current setup is :

    Easton Monkey Lite 70 bar standard length
    ODI Ruffian lock on grips. Grips have been cut short.
    Sram XO twist shifter
    Avid Juicy 7.0 's

    The Sram grips that came with the XO shifters are at least 3/4" longer than the Ruffians. If I used these grips uncut, I cannot reach the brake levers without reaching way, way in.

    Questions :

    Does Avid or anyone else make a longer brake lever for the Juicy 7.0's so I can keep my hands wider and not be pressing against the end of the shifter? (Note this issues also causes some unplanned shifts on quick pullups over roots and rocks and other hits)

    Is there a better grip than the Ruffians that is easier on the hand ? I use good gloves.

    Will the Sram shorty shifters help ? Or is there a narrower trigger shifter someone can recommend ?

    Any advice or comments will be appreciated !



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    How are your brake levers lines up with your hands? If I'm standing on the pedals I always have the levers so they are just slightly down from being inline with my hands. You may want to look for smaller diameter grips, I found some for my daughter, but they may be the ones you already have. I also went with a slightly shorter stem, not as much pressure on the hands. Now I have about a 30mm stem length, but that would probably be too short for your needs. I ride two finger brake style as well, but usually only have one finger on the levers at all times, two fingers when it gets real sketchy. If you like the stem length, then maybe you could go with a different rise on the stem, or a riser bar. The biggest change for me though was to rotate the brake levers down like I said before.
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    i ride the xo with the yeti hardcore 3/4 grips and they are lock-on. lbs ordered them through quality so should be readily available. they are great (i have a pic of them on the bike if you wish--email me)
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    I thought I'd like the Ruffians, but they never came close feel-wise as the stock Schwinn grips on my old Moab. I guess they are a little too thin and unforgiving for my hands. I ended up with blisters the first few rides; never happened with any other grip I've used. Recently bought some Pork Rinds and I have a good feeling I'm going to like them once the semester is over and I can get some quality trail time in.

    I wonder if Odi will ever make lock-on foamies? That could be the ultimate grip.
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    I've been using lock-on grips, but I'm not so sure that I like them. I feel that the plastic core makes the grip too hard and doesn't absorb as many of the trail vibrations as my old Yeti Speedgrips (my favorites). I think that my next grips will be Yeti again.

    As far as the brakes go, did you adjust the levers inward so that you don't have to reach for them? Juicys seem to be pretty far from the bars at full extension, and I like my levers in toward the bars a bit more and the lever engagement pretty close to the bars to ease braking fatigue.
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    My 2 cents

    I like to use the lock ons the are about the same diameter as the sram shifter, line your brake lever up with your wrist if your hands are small adjust the lever to be closer to the bars, if that does not help make sure you don't have too much pressure on the bars due to low bars, the specialized bg enduro gloves done wonders for me, with the extra padding to keep the nerve in you hand from beeing pinched.

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    I have fairly small, what you have heard about small hands is not true !
    Small gloves??

    I will also reccomend shifting your brake levers downward a bit.. and see how that goes.

    You could also try some Sram trigger shifters... they allow you to run them inside and outside of the brake levers...

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    I also have Juicy's but I've moved them about an inch further in from my shifters. I'm running Sram half pipes which are longer than your XO's but I run the shortest little grips next to the half pipe. I think they are old Schwinn grips that I cut in thirds.To me the whole idea of twist shifters is having your hands always on them so you can shift without moving your hand. I think Lock on's are cool but mine are currently in my spare parts box. My advice is to take the easy to remove Ruffians, buy some small diameter grips and cut them short so you can reach your brake levers.

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