Got these cheep last winter and only got to installing them a few weeks ago and then ride this weekend.

Performance, great...except for them both breaking.

Noticed the threads were striped on the Torx top handble bar clap bolt...and that the plastic clamp was cracked. Thinking it was my fault for installing them to tight.

So back home, the other lever had a big crack down the main body. Still thinking I over torqued it. I did not, I got out the manuals and the torque wrench. Instructions say tighten the top bolt to 3Nm, then adjust on bar and tighten the bottom to 3Nm. I could not even get past 2Nm before the inner bold pushed the wrench out of the nut. This is why the torx nut striped.

I also think the plastic "carbontechture" flexes too much and miss aligns the clamp against the body. The Magura site says MT6 - MT2 have alloy clamps, but that just isn't the case, seems to be confirm by their tech support forum.

So, something is off. I ordered them online, the store graciously is taking them back. I was pretty excited about these brakes, they were cheep and performed very well over the 1 day I rode with them. I will never use that brand again through, brakes are a scary thing not to have confidence in.

I exchanged for shimano XT, which have been bullet proof on my wife's bike. A little heavier, but not messing around. Light and cheep is a bad mix.

Bad luck with Magura MT2-photo-2.jpg