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    Zach Kowalchuk
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    Avid vs. Tektro's

    I just got a 2009 cannondale F8. It came with tektro disc's stock. My dad got the f7 with the bb-5's and they grab way better.

    I was thinking the first upgrade I should do is my brakes.

    Should I just keep my tektro's and adjust them or get BB-5's or BB-7's
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    definately upgrade. If you are going with cable actuated disks then get the BB7's. has the older models on a huge sell and the BB7's are only $5 more per brake ($40 each). For $80 total you could have a much more powerful and more adjustable brake...that is a huge upgrade for the money. Here is the link...

    This lists it is for the rear but really it will work for both the rear and the front.

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    BB7's...not even a comparison. No other mechanical (including the BB5) even comes close.

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    BB sev's. ... with some Avid speed dial brake levers.
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    I just upgraded to BB7s (185mm) from Tektros (160mm) on the front of my GT Peace 9r.

    There was an immediate improvement and I finally feel like I can stop. Quickly. I also went ahead and chucked the stock Tektro brake levers and installed the Avid Speed Dial 7s. Love 'em.

    Total cost for front BB7s and a pair of Speed Dials was less than $65.

    Do it.

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    The Tektros aren't bad, but the Avid BB7's are a HUGE improvement. Go for it, and quickly.
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    Avid BB7 is much better, though the Tektros are not terrible if broken in, and set up well.
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    save up and go hydro!

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    my rockhopper 29er came with hydro tecktros stock.....always had the warbling problem with them. I recently upgraded to a set of juicy 5's and they dont' warble, so I put the old tecktros on my rigid/ss bike and they don't warble anymore...weird but I'm a happy camper. IMO both stop just as well, the tecktros were just a bit bulkier and heavier.

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