I've been having brake problems on my '05 SJ Expert 120 with Juciy 7 discs. I taken it in to the LBS where I bought it several times with no success. I finally broke down and took it to another LBS where a friend is a wrench.

Long story short, after spending a couple of hours at the shop, I ended up with a new set of Jagwire replacement pads. Bascially, I got them by default...they were the only "Avid" style pads they had in stock. I didn't even know Jagwire was making replacement pads.

We had to leave the H-clip out of the rear (we only replaced the rear pads) because they wouldn't fit on the pad. I don't understand why the various companies making replacement pads don't make them a true "replacement" and make them to the exact spec as the originals.

Anyway, I'll try to ride a couple of times this weekend to see if my problem is fixed...or not.