I just received some spare brake pads I ordered for my Avid Mechanicals.

A set of each of these: Fibrax Sintered, EBC Golds, Avid C4 (B4's really) and Koolstop.

I'm concerned with the koolstops though because these seem not to have the "hook" to be attached inside the caliper as other have. They look more as Hayes pads than the rest of Avids. The blister clearly says "Avid Mechanical 2002" (year and make of my brakes)and they include the pads separating spring.

I undertand the "hooked" shaped stuff on top the pads is to clip them in the caliper (where there's a kind of spring to retain them).

Anyone know if this is normal?? Any good/bad experiences about it??

Thanks and Happy Trails from Mexico!!!