I made the trek down to my basement the other night to start performing a bleed on my new Juicy 7's.

Now, when it comes to new disc brakes, and if I tell my wife I'm going to do so "earmuffs" for the kids become the norm. The wife realizes that this will probably produce much cursing, and a very grumpy husband and father for the next 2-??? hours. I finally have Hayes bleeding down, and now I move to another brand. Brilliant.

Well, as normal this occured. Started out I was using the original Juicy bleed directions. Mistake one - and first sign that SRAM is making things more of a pain. The on-line directions are not updated, and still show the split perch (which I was pissed wasn't on these) and the clear window (also not on mine), irritating me a bit, but the fact the new bleed instructions aren't up, sucks.

So, after a few bleeds that failed my upside down test (I'd rather get it right the first time then go ride and grab a handful of air). I discoverd (thanks to MTBR), there were new improved directions.

So, I use the new directions. Better, but during one final step when they ask you to pump the levers THE FREEKING PISTONS EXTEND.

After cursing one again, I put my small, but functional, thinking cap on.

Grab some old avid pads

Grab the spacer included for shipping.

Install old pads, install spacer used for shipping.

Use new bleed instructions.

Voila - perfect bleed on the first try that survived initial upside down brake test.

Now, my second *****. Sram absolutely refuses to send new parts etc (my rear rotor showed up warped). They force you to the local shop. Sram used to be better about small parts a couple years back. They used to be one of the best.

The same local shop that sells tons of these brakes BUT DOESN'T HAVE A SINGLE SPARE PART IN STOCK. I needed a compression nut, just one. Three local shops, no compression nuts.

I need ONE compression nut, and these are the things local shops should have, especially if they are selling a bunch of these brakes and have them on a lot on the floor.

Response - we can get you one, but it could take a couple weeks and will cost 6.00.

I can order a jar of 10 for 10 bucks or so online.

Anyways, hope the tip helps someone out there. Most of you are likely smarter than me though.