Hi there!
I just got my new ride!!!!!!!!! New Spesh's Enduro Comp 2011!!!!!!!!
It feels just sweet, but my brakes seem too soft (need to say I'm a newbee on Hidraulics), I come from using Avid BB7's and to get a good stop the lever on theese Elixirs (Elixir R SL have no pad contact adjustment to my knowledge, or do they?) almost touch the handlebar. Is this normal for new brakes, the guy at the LBS told me these brakes need to be used a bit so they come into optimal performance, so to say.
I've done about three 2 mile descents with them, all the time playing with the brakes as to use them but I don't feel any difference. Is this normal? Does this take more than a few rides to get better? Do I have to bleed the brakes? Or is there a way to adjust the pad contact on the caliper as done before on mechanical brakes?

Thanks beforehandf for your help!