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    Avid Elixir brake pad replacement issue

    When I went to replace my worn out Avid Elixir 5 brake pads, I got the old pads out and the new pads in easily enough, but there is only a tiny gap between the new pads, not even enough to fit the rotor into. I tried wiggling them around etc. but they were still too close together to fit the rotor into. Why is this happening? This is the first time I have tried replacing elixir's, so am I somehow doing something wrong?
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    You need to push the pistons back into the caliper. Use a tire lever or similar device. If they will not retract fully, release a small amount of fluid from the system.

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    Yes, as previously stated. Put your old pads in, get a decent size screw driver and pry the "old" pads apart to push the brake caliper pistons into the caliper.

    Install the new pads and the wheel. Slowly and gently pull the lever a few times to allow the new pads to seat on the rotors. Hopefully that will be it. You may have to "recenter" the caliper if the pads don't move "evenly".

    Good luck with that, post back here and let us know how it went.

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    Also, if you have made any adjustments at your levers, undo those before you try to push the pistons back in. I struggled with this for more than an hour the first time I changed my pads. Once I backed off the reach adjustments I made earlier, the pistons went back in all the way.

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    Remove the pads and use a tire lever to push the pistons back and then insert the bleed block until it fits in the notch at the bottom. Pump the levers if they are extremely tight let a little fluid out of the calipers and re-pump the brakes. Be sure to properly "bed in" the new pads.

    Also check for stuck pistons by gently pumping the brake lever and watching the pistons. The pistons should move freely. CAUTION: Do not pump them out so far that they fall out. If one of them is stuck you may be able to lube it with some recommended brake fluid around the piston. If it is stuck and lubing doesn't help then you should re-build the caliper. See Avid's site for more info.
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