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    Avid Elixer 5 + Juicy 3 problem


    I changed my brake pads on my Elixir 4 brakes. That's an Elixir 5 lever and a Juicy 3 calliper.

    When i put the rear pads in I was having a lot of trouble so I read a few posts saying the pistons need to be pushed back. I did this and the pads slipped in.

    When i took it on a test ride something felt odd, the front brake was great just as before with a good amount of movement in the lever. The rear seems to have about a centimetre of movement before the brake is fully engaged. It then can be pulled back with a little force to the normal stopping position.

    Its really spongy and doesn't stop very well.

    I have no idea what this could be but my suspicion is a stuck piston as one of them seems to be sticking out a little further than the other.

    Any help would be great.

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    Agreed - the first place to start would be that piston that extends a different amount.
    And also - Juicy calipers are very prone to sticking.

    Best thing to do is remove the pads, wash the caliper thoroughly and once its dry, spray some silicone lubricant onto the caliper pistons.

    Squeeze and release the brake lever slightly to work the lubricant into the piston seals, (but don't pull the lever too far or you could push the piston out of the caliper completely).

    Once its dry, replace the pads and ride.

    Should solve it - but Juicy's are notorious for sticking. Just occasionally doing the above routine will keep it at bay though.

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