Ok, so I just installed the FMJ housing and brake cable set for my front brakes.. First off, I'd like to say that braking is as smooth as butter... flawless..!!
Buuut, I'm a little concerned that the housing from the brake lever to the first stainless steel junction might be a bit short. I've turned the handle bar to both extremes and it doesn't get hung up or too tight or anything.. but when I look at it, it just looks sooo short.. although there are no sharp bends, it's pretty smooth... the reason why I had to cut it that short was because if I didn't there would have been a severe angle where the housing meets the steel tubing....

Can anyone tell me their experience with this set...??
It's a great set, the only things they could have done is through in a couple extra tubes of shrink tubing.

Ok, thanks..