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    Any problems modifying disc brake pads?

    So the question is: has anyone here removed overhanging material from a brake pad?

    Currently riding a Surly Karate Monkey with BB7's – and am looking to "upgrade" with an older set of four pot XT brakes. (m755)

    It's set up as a single speed and my gearing and chain length has the rear wheel right where I want it – and rotor just out of reach of having full contact with the pads. Lacking somewhere between 1 and 2mm on the outside edge (meaning the pads are hanging off) which actually equates to a fairly large move in the dropouts to correct given the geometry of everything. I'm not willing to do that and the Avid's mounting style made up for this.

    My other option involves a round file to open the disc mount toward the axle a bit. (roughly the same 2mm)

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    Done it lots of times. Just be careful about how much to remove. I used a file the 1st time which was a pain. My Dremel did the job in 2 seconds flat.

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