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    Are All Mineral Oil Brake Fluids the Same?

    I got a set of Old Magura HS-22 Hydraulic rim brakes that need to be bleed out and I run out of the original Magura mineral fluids. I noticed Shimano also use mineral oils in their brake systems and more easily available. Do you think its a good idea to Shimano's oil since its cheaper and in greater quantities? Thanks

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    Yes, you can use the Shimano branded mineral oil to bleed Magura hydraulic brakes. You can also use the same mineral oil brake fluid as found in Citroen CV cars.

    I have used both to bleed the HS-11, HS-22, HS-33, Julie, Louise, Marta hydraulic brakes with no problems.

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    How about just plain Baby Oil? That's 100% pure mineral oil too, and crazy cheap.
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